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Pet Odor Treatment

Pet Odor Treatment

Zerorez® provides environmentally safe pet contamination cleaning and odor removal. Pet owners' number one concern is: "how do we get urine odor and pet stains out of our carpet?" Zerorez® has the answer!

How Does It Work?

There are three main problems with Pet Urine Contamination. First is the discoloration, second is the foul odor, and third is the unsanitary and unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms that grow. Zerorez® has two different options for cleaning and odor removal: Topical Treatment and Sub Floor Extraction.

Topical Treatment

The least invasive method, our Topical Treatment, treats the carpet fibers only. Safe and FDA approved it applies encapsulators to the carpet. The carpet is then cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. Because these products will only treat the urine they come in direct contact with, we cannot guarantee this treatment will completely eliminate the problem; however, for many mild contamination situations this treatment is all that may be needed.

Sub Floor Extraction

In more severe cases, the pet urine has soaked through the carpet backing and padding. In this case the problem has become multi-layered and effective remediation must address each layer of the problem. A Sub Surface Extraction of the biological contamination is needed. The treatment consists of a non-chemical rinse that breaks down any salt ammonia and urea crystals present in the carpeting. We follow with a solution which is poured directly into the affected area in an effort to come in direct contact with the urine by saturating the carpet, backing and pad. We then extract the water and contamination with a highly concentrated vacuum tool called the Water Claw. The area is then treated with an encapsulator. This method destroys the odor and harmful substances, minimizing the chance for odors to reoccur. We have a high success rate with this process.